Windmills, Come to Me!

Group Creation by Vertebradas Artes Escénicas.

We continue to develop and give form to this project using a multidisciplinary approach including theater, music, dance and the plastic arts. Taking the famous Windmills chapter from Cervantes’ novel as our starting point, we put ourselves into the shoes of Don Quijote and Sancho Panza and ask ourselves what would happen if one day we decided to undertake a journey into the unknown, leaving behind all we had known before? Would we be so brave? What would we encounter? What ‘weapons’ could we take with us to protect ourselves against the dangers? Exploring our own deep fears and the tools we could use to face up to them, we have confronted our personal limitations. On occasion, the support and proposals from fellow members of the troupe have provided welcome consolation, yet other times, we have had to bear the frustration and carry it with us as part of our own ‘sad figure’. Delving into the intimate and collective worlds that live in our imaginations and allowing them to unfold on the stage, a transformation has taken place, permitting these worlds to become dramatic and inspirational opportunities for all of us forming part of the creative team of ‘Vertebradas’. In this spirit, we offer you our performance today, hoping that the inspiration wafting through our proposal will also touch you. ‘¡Vale!’


The company: Vertebradas Artes Escénicas arises from an inclusive theater workshop offered by Laura Suarez since 2015 with an emphasis on experimenting with acting techniques and collective creativity. The main characteristic of the group is the diversity of its members. Open to a new scenic language, we explore our expressive capacities where ‘difference’ is an opportunity for enrichment.


Cast: Mª Carmen Albite, Adrián Corona, Marisol Farré, Manuel Gester Suárez, Marta Lage de la Rosa, Jesús Martínez, Carol McEvoy, Diego Sánchez Collantes, Jaime Romero, Josefa Sánchez and Marta Sancho.

Live music: Werner Glaser, Violin and Manuel Gester Suárez, Bagpipe.


Artistic and Technical Data:

Original idea: Marta Lage de la Rosa y Laura Suárez

Main text: Excerpts from “Don Quixote of La Mancha”, Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra.

Musical Compositions played live: Lachrimae Antiquae by John Dowland; La Garza del Río Henares by Alfonso X El Sabio.


Original Compositions and Sound Design: Manuel Gester Suárez

Plastic and Visual Arts: Marta Lage de la Rosa

Shadow Language and Technique: Marilena Muratori

Costume Design and Stage Props: Elena Alcaín y Marta Lage de la Rosa

Costume and Stage Prop Production: Elena Alcaín

Assistants in Stage Prop Production: Natalia Abril, Carmen Rosa Marcos

Artistic Make-Up: Beatriz Guijarro Gordillo

Lighting Design: Leandra Rodríguez

Lighting and Technical Assistant: Sofía Diambra

In-Studio Photography: David Vegal

Stage Photography: Elena Alcaín y David Gamella

Vídeo: Cecilia Montagut y Paco Cazorla

Trailer Edition: Manuel Gester Suárez

Graphic Design: La Casa de Carlota & friends, Sevilla

Vertebradas’ logo: Juan Antonio Iglesias

Production: Vertebradas Artes Escénicas y lauraenórbita

Sponsored by: Asociación para el Desarrollo de la Pedagogía Curativa y Socioterapia Rudolf Steiner

Assistant to the Director: Mirta Maidana

Director and Dramatist: Laura Suárez


Partial Premiere: September 11, 2019 in the Salón Cervantes Theatre , Alcalá de Henares, in the 15th European Consortium for Arts Therapies in Education ECARTE.

2nd Version: 14th March, 2020. V Festival Visibles. Teatro del Barrio (Madrid).