Theatre in the Secondary School. Waldorf Pedagogy.

“In Waldorf Pedagogy, one of the most important aspects of the language curriculum in the 2nd year high-school, is a theatre project in which students work together in a social way in a work of art, carrying out an intensive study of the language and its expressive power”.

I have had the great pleasure of having directed this activity for years at the Escuela Libre Micael (Madrid) and I have been enriched by the energy and creativity of hundreds of teenagers with whom I have been working together with enthusiasm and dedication.
The great challenge has been to combine the pedagogical with the theatrical and  aesthetic experience. The achievements have been endless: as many as the people that have participated in the project and the intrinsic difficulties that have arisen throughout these fruitful years.
Once again, the power of theater as a tool for personal, group and social development is demonstrated.