Theatre Workshops. Waldorf Training Grade

Theater Workshops for teachers, professors and other professionals specializing in Waldorf Pedagogy.

Taught by Laura Suárez.


During the activity we work with dynamics that promote awareness, perception, creativity, and group consciousness as a creative entity. Knowing ourselves in different levels, helps us to establish a good relational base with any kind of group or pupil. When we are able to experience emotions, possibilities, impediments, in first-person, then we might feel more prepared when undertaking projects with other people. These tools we train will allow us to solve difficulties or conflicts in a more creative, empathic and fluent way, letting us work as better professionals.

In the meetings we use our body, voice, emotions and imagination. We explore our expressive abilities and then we delve into group ground to experience collective creation. Many of the exercises can afterwards be applied in class with students.


The activity is organized by the CENTRO DE FORMACIÓN DE PEDAGOGÍA WALDORF. It takes place in the Escuela Libre Micael (Madrid) that hosted training throughout Spain until 2017. New centers in different cities are now training the same objective.

Course accredited by the Spanish Ministry of Education (Instituto Nacional de Tecnologías Educativas y de Formación del Profesorado)