Theater, a Healing Tool…

Theater as a healing tool in people with intellectual disabilities.

Conference and workshop.

These activities were carried out within the framework of the Summer Courses
organized by the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.

Under the title The value of Music and Arts at the Service of Today’s Society and directed by Alfredo Vicent and Vicente Galaso, director of the Higher Center of Music, UAM and Director of Social Programs, Fundación SaludArte respectively, ‘the Course wants to address the cultural deficit that we suffer today with concrete proposals through the arts.’

Both the Conference ‘Theater as a healing tool in people with intellectual disabilities’ and the workshops taught by Laura Suárez, proposed to create an awareness of openness in the work with people with intelectual disability, seeking an approach to the activity from the human aspect, thus generating a flow of exchange that aims to link us with the essence of the individual.

As a work method proposal, the experience of the theater play ‘The Magic Flute’ carried out by the users of the C.O. Taller Rafael, Rudolf Steiner Association and directed by the lecturer, was presented.