Permanent Inclusive Theater Workshop

Since theater is a stage and face-to-face discipline, the activity has been postponed following the restrictions introduced due to the COVID-19 health crisis.
Meanwhile, we are meeting online to keep the flame alive and support each other.

We share a video for you to get a glimpse of how we are living our new reality, longing to come back to improvisations and rehearsals soon.

Experimenting with acting techniques and collective creation has been a source of great inspiration and a subject of great interest. With this interest, I started this workshop in October 2015.

We explore our expressive abilities by opening ourselves to a new stage language. Difference is the key to enrichment. People of all ages participate in our workshop; with or without theatrical experience, and with or without intellectual or physical disabilities.

We improvise and develop themes using different stimuli that might bring interest and scenic dynamics. Respect towards what each member of the group offers is essential. In this way, freedom and trust make creative proposals emerge naturally. No one will feel pressure to perform something that she or he doesn’t wish to. We inquire into ourselves and learn new ways of telling the stories that are within each one of us. We seek to strip ourselves, go to the essence; thus, we generate an emotional aesthetic, full of strength, expressiveness and visual beauty.


The theater company Vertebradas Artes Escénicas  of wich I’m the director, arises from this inclusive workshop.


Collaborates: Asociación para el Desarrollo de la Pedagogía Curativa y Socioterapia Rudolf Steiner


Photographers: David Vegal, Marta Lage de la Rosa, Manuel Gester Suárez & others