Other Capabilities. Draw from the Body.

Other capabilities. Draw from the body.

Inclusive workshop carried out together with the artist, researcher and teacher Raquel Monje, at the Faculty of Fine Arts, UCM.

The activity consists of a Trans-disciplinary Workshop (contemporary theater-drawing) open to the community of the Faculty of Fine Arts and to the members of the theater group C.O. Taller Rafael (Association for the Development of Pedagogy, Rudolf Steiner).

The starting point of the workshop is the “extreme Lorca” representation by the group mentioned as the trigger for the proposal, around the concepts of inclusion, visibility, collaboration, personal development of skills and disabilities, symbiosis, other aesthetics.

The next three sessions will consist of the active meeting of the participants working from the body, emotions, playfulness, present, representation and drawing.

The conclusion of the workshop will be specified in a collaborative REPRESANTITION / EXHIBITION where the creative process is the axis.


The objectives of our proposal are:
. Promote the link between the two groups, providing each of them from their reality, a different vision of creation.
. Encourage the exchange of these two realities and visions through the interaction of theater and contemporary drawing.

These objectives will be approached from a participatory and procedural methodology where the coordination role functions as support and encouragement to provoke dialogue and promote the exchange of both groups and disciplines.

. Question body and aesthetic schemes.
. Explore and draw new limits for drawing.
. Offer mental structures that promote freer artistic creation.
. Contact in the first person from the emotion with this reality not always accessible.


Facilitators: Raquel Monje y Laura Suárez