Inspired by Lorca

Inclusive Theater Project created and directed by: Laura Suárez

A group of seventeen people, students from the 1st-year of high school and adults with intellectual disabilities, have carried out an intensive inclusive theater workshop of 9 days. Contributing with their creativity, through personal proposals and improvisations based on the life and work of Federico García Lorca and the play

Lorca and Us, the Shuddering Soul… (a play that belongs to C.O. Taller Rafael’s theater group repertoire), we forge our own language that will be reflected in the scenes that we worked on and whose result will culminate in several theatrical performances.

Why did we choose Federico García Lorca? We believe that Lorca included individual and social situations in his work that still happen nowadays. He renewed the Spanish theater, criticizing an expired, and in many cases, repressive morality; he was passionate about social-action theater and his heart and his pen were always with the disadvantaged, with the outcast, with the different ones.

This artistic, pedagogical and social project has influenced the lives of the participants, and left a mark in their personal development. The students recognise diversity, and the adults, an experience of equanimity which will serve as support in front of new challenges.

It has also had a positive impact on the audience, who felt surprised and enriched by this cultural offer.


With the participation of: Members of the C.O.Taller Rafael & 1st year High School of Escuela Libre Micael (Waldorf Pedagogy)

Production: Asociación para el Desarrollo de la Pedagogía Curativa y Socioterapia Rudolf Steiner & lauraenórbita

Subsidized by: Ayuntamiento de Pozuelo de Alarcón

Photography: David Vegal