Diverse Women

A journey through the emotional landscapes travelled by different women, aged 9 to 77; the circle of life and death, desire, childhood, violence, motherhood, heartbreak, hopeful anticipation… A vibrant performance, in continuous evolution and transformation, inspired by songs, poetry and texts from various sources and styles around which we have improvised, giving form to our collective imagination; each one bringing her own personal view of her inner world and together generating a joint expression representing us all.

For the creation of Diverse Women, we inquired into our women’s experiences and imaginary, learning new ways of telling the stories that are within each one of us.

The main objective of this project is to make womankind visible, simply because we exist.  Seldom do we find our stages brimming with women. Yet in this performance we create, as much through numbers as through diversity, a human magma of extraordinary characteristics. Many are the moments where we merge as one, almost touching the archetypical.  In our profound gazes, in the feel of soft and familiar bodies, in our sometimes agitated, sometimes serene and calm breathing, we both see each other and feel ourselves being seen.  We transcend the boundaries of our own persona to become that woman who demands to speak and be heard, who demands to show herself and be seen just as she is, who offers her participation in life with the normalcy it deserves.


The company:  Vertebradas Artes Escénicas arises from an inclusive theater workshop offered by Laura Suarez since 2015 with an emphasis on experimenting with acting techniques and collective creativity. The main characteristic of the group is the diversity of its members. Open to a new scenic language, we explore our expressive capacities where ‘difference’ is an opportunity for enrichment.


Cast: Mª Carmen Albite, Blanca Aróztegui, Zaida Díaz, Marisol Farré, Marta Lage de la Rosa, Lorena Martínez, Carol Mc Evoy, Lucía Murillo, Kira Pérez, Mar Robles Álvarez, Verónica Samohano, Josefa Sánchez, Marta Sancho y Laura Suárez


Artistic and Technical Data:

Collective Creation. Using Texts by: Federico García Lorca, Heiner Müller y Alejandra Pizarnik.


Stage Design and Costume: Monika Rühle

Stage Design Assistant: Natalia Abril

Costume Assistant and Realization: Carmen Rosa Marcos

Choreography of ‘Meeting Ritual’: Zaida Díaz

Sound environment: Manuel Gester Suárez

Original Music: Joel Gester Suárez

Light Design: Leandra Rodríguez

Light Assistant: Sofía Diambra

Hairstyle and make-up: Mahimy Aguado

Photography: David Vegal, Guillermo Hidalgo

Production: Vertebradas Artes Escénicas and lauraenórbita

Collaborates: Asociación para el Desarrollo de la Pedagogía Curativa y Socioterapia Rudolf Steiner

Communication: Marta Lage de la Rosa

Director and Dramaturgist:  Laura Suárez