Presented by the Theater Company: Cuentos para Perros

The theater director and pedagogue Laura Suarez conducted the 8th-grade theater project at the Escuela Libre Micael from 2011–2017. A group of students, who had completed the curriculum, showed interest in continuing with the activity. This interest gave rise to Carlota in 2013.

The families of the actors of Carlota also involved themselves in the project, both in the creative area and in all the necessary tasks for the project to be carried out. In addition to the artistic purpose itself, we wanted to give this initiative a social dimension, offering our performance to humanitarian associations.


Juan Abia: Fred “el mancebo” + Dr.Waths
Jordi Alonso: Bill “the hunchback” + John Manning “the butler”
Aingeru Calderón: Douglas Hilton “the detective” + Miss Lilian
Elisa Dion: Miss Margaret
Joel Gester: Mr. Barrington
Manuel Gester: Waths + Sergeant Harris + Miss Christie
Mariana Jiménez: Carlota + Velda Manning “the cook”
Malva Vela: Velda Manning “the cook”

artistic + technical team:
Arrangements and musical direction: Irune Urrutxurtu
Musicians: Aingeru Calderón, Elisa Dion, Manuel Gester
Choreography: Owen Clay
Video creation, costumes and scenery: Monika Rühle
Hairstyles and makeup: Mahimy Aguado
Technical Assistant: Marine Borja
Soundtrack and Photography: Göran Gester
Graphic design and Photography: Raquel Monje

Production: Cuentos para Perros y lauraenórbita

Collaborates: Escuela Libre Micael

Direction: Laura Suárez