For years now, I have worked with and through diversity, finding it a constant source of inspiration and endeavoring to always remain permeable to change, to the possibility of breaking out of molds and creating new structures. At present, actively leading workshops, I am delving into different methods of acting, collective creation, inclusive theater and investigating the influence of Art in the development of the person and the social collective. Onstage, I am normally drawn to work as part of a rewarding multidisciplinary team.

Buenos Aires was the scene of my formal artistic education and professional debut. Having studied at the Escuela Integral de Teatro ‘La Barraca’ headed by Rubens Correa and at the Escuela Argentina de Mimo, Expresión y Comunicación Corporal under the direction of Ángel Elizondo, I directed and acted in many shows, participating in national and international festivals. While collaborating with the wedish and Argentine television, I worked as Acting Director and also directed documentaries of social ontent.

In the year 2002, I returned to my native Madrid and since that time I have presented shows in many different venues in Spain, among them Casa de América, Encuentro de Mujeres de Iberoamérica en las Artes Escénicas (FIT de Cádiz), Teatro X la Identidad-España, VI Certamen de Teatro para Directoras de Escena (Torrejón de Ardoz), and Festival Visibles (Madrid).

In the international realm, in 2006, I was awarded a Mención del Comité de Regiones en Bruselas with Don Quijote Busca a Dulcinea en la Unión Europea and participated in the XIII Festival Internacional de Teatro de Managua. In 2014, at the call of the poet and performer Gail Langstroth (USA), I began my participation in the Trioscuri Ensemble together with the guitarist José Miguel de la Fuente. Since then, we have toured cities in Spain and Latin America with our performances and workshops. In 2019 we were invited by QuoVadis Empresariat to the Euritmie Festival in The Hague. Since 2017, at the invitation of the Associazione Scuola e Cultura Italiana all’Estero, I have travelled regularly to Rome giving lectures and workshops on Inclusive Theater. I am also the playwright and director of The Devil on the Dance Floor performed by the Quinteto del Diablo (multicultural ensemble, residing in The Netherlands), selected in 2018 and 2019 for the CBK Festival Amsterdam, the Café Theater Festival in Utrecht, and the NJO Summer Festival-Genderland (The Netherlands). I form part of the cast of Cuentos para niños no tan buenos by Jacques Prèvert and directed by Leandra Rodríguez (Argentina) together with artists from Spain, Argentina and Uruguay with the intention of creating and strengthening ties between the continents.

Since 2005, I have been directing adults with intellectual disabilities for the Asociación Rudolf Steiner, and have given workshops at the Autónoma and Complutense Universities of Madrid, Caixa Forum-Madrid and Seville, Centro de Formación de Pedagogia Waldorf-España and ECARTE, European Consortium for Arts Therapies in Education, among others.

At present, I lead and direct the Permanent Workshop of Experimental and Inclusive Theater that I created in 2015, from which the company Vertebradas Artes Escénicas arises, bringing to the stage ‘Diverse Women’ and ‘Windmills, Come to Me!’


• Escuela Argentina de Mimo, Expresión y Comunicación Corporal directed by Ángel Elizondo (Buenos Aires)
• Integral Drama School ‘La Barraca’ directed by Rubens Correa (Buenos Aires)
• ‘Canto Esencial’ with Iris Guiñazú (Buenos Aires)
• Acting Training with Ricardo Bartis (Buenos Aires)
• Singing Training with Laura Liss (Madrid)
• ‘Performance O Corpo Pensante’, Vera Mantero (Madrid)
• Scenic Research with Pablo Messiez (Madrid)
• Working Shakespeare ‘Words, words, words’, with Will Keen (Madrid)
• ‘Diagnosis and Therapy in Therapeutic Pedagogy’ – language and speech workshop. Gabriele Endlich (Santiago de Compostela)
• Singing and Vocal Coaching with Alicia Araque (Madrid)


  • English and French, fluently
  • Swedish, Portuguese and Italian: basic conversation level.
  • Castilian and Argentine accent.