Actress, Director, Theater Pedagogue

Laura Suárez

About me

For years now, I have worked with and through diversity, finding it a constant source of inspiration and endeavoring to always remain permeable to change, to the possibility of breaking out of molds and creating new structures. At present, actively leading workshops, I am delving into different methods of acting, collective creation, inclusive theater and investigating the influence of Art in the development of the person and the social collective. Onstage, I am normally drawn to work as part of a rewarding multidisciplinary team.

Buenos Aires was the scene of my formal artistic education and professional debut.  Having studied at the Escuela Integral de Teatro ‘La Barraca’ headed by Rubens Correa and at the Escuela Argentina de Mimo, Expresión y Comunicación Corporal under the direction of Ángel Elizondo.

Currently en órbita:

Windmills, Come to Me!


Group Creation by Vertebradas Artes Escénicas, inspired on the famous Windmills chapter from Cervantes’ novel.
Upcoming performance: 14th March, at V Festival Visibles. Teatro del Barrio (Madrid).

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